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Many people love the taste of meat, but not at all costs. And it is exactly for these conscious diners that we produce delicious plant-based meat alternatives. In this way we work together, bite by bite, to reduce animal suffering and the negative impact on our planet - while maximising taste.

Clean label.

We only use 100% natural, healthy ingredients. No chemicals, no additives, no antibiotics or flavour enhancers. We are committed to the sustainable use of global resources and the environment. In this way, every bite is a sustainable pleasure for both the body and the environment.

Be innovative.

Indulge your guests with the natural and delicious meat alternatives from Planted and show your attitude towards sustainability and innovation. Offer your guests additional vegetarian or vegan options to easily Planted replace chicken or other animal meat. Put your cards on the table Planted and bet Planted on your card - let's make the world a better place together. And let's do it with pleasure.

Nenad Mlinarevic has Planted also put his money on his card.
Inspire yourself from his experience with Planted and watch the planted.cheftalk with Nenad.


Planted owes its existence to a large community of connoisseurs who love our products and have made a commitment. Having Planted on the menu means appealing to new customers. Our presence in both social and traditional media allows our community to grow steadily, making you a more attractive location. Those who serve Planted are supported and shared via social media and our store locator.


Are you looking for opportunities to develop new market potential and generate more turnover for your restaurant? With Planted, you can boost sales in your restaurant and attract new, high-quality customers. Our restaurant partners report rising sales and increasing guest numbers since having Planted prominently featured in delicious menu creations on their menus.


We plant our meat rather than slaughter it. For this we only use selected, 100% natural ingredients. Without additives.

Speaks for itself.

Still not convinced?
Then let those who Planted already serve convince you.


Food Developer Family Wiesner Gastronomie AG

"The products from Planted give me completely new possibilities in the development of new menus in the vegetarian and vegan sector. As plant-based nutrition is fully in line with the zeitgeist, Planted hits the nail on the head for me here. The Planted products are incredibly versatile and we have already been able to integrate them into a wide variety of dishes in our menu."




Planted Ambassador

Restaurant Neue Taverne & Bauernschänke

Planted products are an enrichment for every kitchen and every restaurateur: from the traditional Zurich "Geschnetzeltes" to fine dining dishes, everything is possible - the products can hardly be topped in terms of versatility. As unbelievably delicious, sustainable and even local products, which are purely plant-based, they perfectly meet the spirit of the times.




Restaurant KLE

"We believe Plant Based is the future of food and so is Planted!"




Restaurant HILTL

"The natural, herbal products of Planted correspond to our credo of "healthy enjoyment". Their bite and taste are convincing, which is why we use them for our home-made "à la carte dishes" in the Hiltl restaurant, in hot and cold specialities at the various Hiltl buffets and for our vegan sandwiches. Really highly recommended and an enrichment!


Manager Recipe Development Hiltl AG

"The plant-based and natural products of Planted correspond to our principle of "healthy enjoyment". Quality and taste inspire our guests and us equally. Because Planted is so easy and versatile to use, we use it for our home-made "à la carte dishes" in the served restaurant of Haus Hiltl, in hot and cold creations on our buffets and for our vegan sandwiches. For us, Planted products are an enrichment and it would be hard to imagine Hiltl's range of products without them."


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We offer the direct sale of Planted products to catering establishments from a minimum order quantity of 8 kg. Furthermore, we are happy to advise you on the selection of the best market-supporting gadgets, give-aways and packaging options.

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Develop your own unique Planted dish.

Are you ready to test our products and develop unique dishes? Our Culinary Team supports you at any time with tips and tricks in preparation and many recipe ideas.










We put your restaurant on the map - in our Store Finder. Almost half of the visitors to our website are looking for restaurants that serve Planted. Make sure they find your restaurant!

Marketing material.

Show the world that you serve Planted and become part of the community. With stands, toothpick flags, stickers or wrapping paper you can make your customers aware of the new possibilities. We also offer individual options - and of course that's on us.

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Menu guidelines.

We help you to highlight your Planted dish on the menu. Check out how it could look on your menu.




Engage your staff.

Bring your employees up to date and inspire them to sell. With simple training materials you can get your customers excited about the latest Planted dishes and always provide them with the right answers.




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