Hi, we are Planted.

We plant, harvest and produce delicious plant-based meat. Bite by bite we put a tasty end to the conventional meat industry and the resulting suffering for animals and the environment. We are hungry for a revolution. Let us rethink nutrition together and replace animal with plant-based proteins - very simple, very tasty. Planted makes it easy peasy, so to speak.


Our mission is to bring tasty, healthy and 100% natural plant-based proteins to the table, with a perfect texture and taste. Together with our customers we want to put an end to the slaughter of animals, reduce pollution and make the world a better place. We want to revolutionise the way meat is perceived and consumed worldwide. By enabling a change in daily eating habits - without compromising on taste - from animal to plant-based proteins, we can and will massively reduce the negative effects of animal husbandry on our planet.

Industrial livestock farming occupies almost half of the world's land, is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions and consumes 25% of the world's drinking water. We produce meat, which requires only a fraction of this need for land, water and energy to continue to provide the food people love.

Founding history

The idea for the project was born from the urgent need for change. The growth of the world population, rising income levels and urbanisation are the main reasons for the steady increase of meat consumption. The immense quantities of meat that are required on a daily basis present our planet with a great challenge. Greenhouse gas emissions from livestock farming currently account for 18% of global emissions - as much as all means of transport combined. To put it very simply: people eat too much meat.

A sustainable solution to meet our global protein needs is long overdue. When Pascal Bieri, co-founder of Planted, worked in the USA in 2017, he became aware of various meat replacement products. So he contacted his cousin Lukas Böni, who was about to complete his doctorate in food process engineering. Back in Switzerland, they formulated their idea of producing plant-based and above all natural foods. They set themselves the ambitious goal, in contrast to many other meat substitutes, to have a short list of 100% natural ingredients. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Professor Erich Windhab brought them together with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology PhD student Eric Stirnemann, who has a deep understanding of the wet extrusion process. The team was then completed by Christoph Jenny, a financial expert with a lot of experience in gastronomy. With 150,000 Swiss francs from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Pioneer Fellowship, they founded Planted.


Is it possible to reinvent the concept of meat worldwide? This question, and dozens of others, was asked by the four Planted founders Lukas Böni, Eric Stirnemann, Christoph Jenny and Pascal Bieri. In collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, they created nothing less than a revolution in the food industry: planted.chicken. A protein-rich, plant-based product that perfectly combines 100% natural ingredients, sustainability, animal welfare and - above all - taste.

Christoph Jenny
Eric Stirnemann
Lukas Böni
Pascal Bieri


Foundation: 3 July 2019

Number of full-time employees: 60

Headquarters: Kemptthal, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

Markets: AT, CH, DE, FR

Business activities

As of June 2020, our first large food production facility is located in Kemptthal, Switzerland.

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