Meet us.

Meet us.

Meet us.

Meet us.

Meet us.

Meet us.

This is our home. Our playground.

Come by, say hello and get to know us. By now you know that we attach great importance to always being transparent. That's why we've even built a glass house in the middle of our factory, so you can take a close look at it at your leisure. Why is that? We want you to see what we are doing - no one needs secrets.

Why we do it, how we do it.

The first completely transparent meat production!

Meat production has become more and more abstract for the end consumer over the past decades. Anyone who buys a piece of packaged meat in the supermarket can conveniently hide what is actually behind it. We have the meat industry to thank for this, with its almost invisible factory farming and slaughtering behind large gates and barbed wire.

However, this secrecy also extends far beyond the meat industry. It seems that most manufacturers have something to hide. Only the beer and chocolate industries seem to have some brands that are much more open - this openness has inspired us.

So we have completely transparent meat production in the glass production facility at our home. Anyone who wants to take a look and understand how meat is harvested here is welcome to do so! With our bistro, an event room and a guided tour, we ensure that the visit is twice as worthwhile.

How to get here.

By public transport

Our operations centre is about five minutes' walk from Kemptthal train station. Arriving at Kemptthal station, just keep left and walk into "The Valley" area. About 300 metres later look to the right and ... Hello!

By electric car

Get off the A1/A4 at the Kemptthal exit and then simply follow the road towards The Valley. There are plenty of parking spaces directly behind Planted Erlebniswelt.

Address for your GPS:

Planted Foods AG | Kemptpark 32-34 | 8310 Kemptthal


Look behind the scenes

Take a closer look and experience how at Planted the pea becomes chicken and the sunflower becomes pulled pork. Learn a lot of interesting facts about plant-based meat alternatives.

In our operations centre in Kemptthal, you will learn which plant proteins are suitable for meat replacement products, where they come from and what they are suitable for. We will show you how Planted combines technology and innovation to revolutionize the traditional meat industry. Together we can make the world a better place - and we can do it with pleasure.

A little refreshment after the tour? The Planted bistro offers delicious snacks, fine meals and a wide range of drinks.

We look forward to seeing you!

Guided tours for groups

Visit our factory in Kemptthal!

You are or you are already part of a big whole - be it a club, a company or any other organisation - and would like to take the old friends to the new ones from Planted ? Then we'll find a common date to explore all corners of our production facility - at almost any time of the day. 

The tour is usually divided into two parts: After a short introduction to our company history, our mission and our products, we take you through our production and tell you how plants are turned into meat. You will learn more about our production steps, the science behind it and our daily challenges and adventures. After the tour, it's time to get down to business: in a tasting session, you can sample our products and ask all your questions - with your mouth full if you like. The tour lasts about 1.5 hours in total.

Sounds good? Or do you have something else in mind? We are flexible and happy to accommodate your wishes! Just fill out the form and wait until we get back to you with a quote to get started.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us:

But that's not all. Whether it's a muesli to fortify you in the morning, a vegan Züri Gschnetzeltes for lunch or simply a beer for an aperitif: our bistro will give you what you need. For a quote or table reservation, please contact us directly by e-mail.

By the way, the tour is wheelchair accessible. Children are allowed if accompanied by adults.

Guided tours for individuals

You finally want to see the inside of a meat processing factory where no animal is harmed? Then you now have the opportunity to visit us alone or with a few friends and see behind the scenes of our innovative production.

The tour is divided into two parts: after a short introduction to our company history, mission and products, we will guide you through our production and tell you how plants become meat. You will learn more about our work processes, the science behind them and our daily challenges and adventures. After the tour, it's time to get down to business: in a tasting session you can try our products and ask all your questions - even with your mouth full. The tour takes about 1.5 hours in total.

The tour is also wheelchair accessible. Children are allowed when accompanied by an adult. 

Tour dates

We are currently working on an update. From mid-August we will have the new link to register for the guided tours and look forward to showing you our home. Be ready!

Don't be distracted - just try Planted.

Don't be distracted - just try Planted.

Don't be distracted - just try Planted.

Don't be distracted - just try Planted.

Planted is going on tour.

Our food truck also comes to your home! Whether on a large or small scale, for a party in the garden or a business event, we will conjure up a smile on the lips of your guests with our vegan street food!

Or come and visit us at one of our next public stops - we're looking forward to it!


06.08., 11.00-19.00hrs

Migros, Ruchwiesenstrasse 2, 8157 Dielsdorf


30 July

Massif Central, Eschersheimer Landstrasse 28, 60322 Frankfurt am Main


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We offer a wide range of dishes! From burgers and hot dogs to BBQs and kebabs, we can conjure up anything for you. Just let us know which category you choose and which variant you would like. If you have any questions about the selection, we're always happy to help - just send an email to

Rent us

Send us an email and let us know when your event is to take place and how many guests you are expecting. We will contact you immediately and without obligation.


Meeting room

The Planted operations center is a well-equipped, attractive seminar venue. The multi-purpose rooms on the first floor of our visitor centre are perfect for organising your workshops, conferences, general meetings and training sessions.

From the large terrace you can enjoy a wonderful view of the countryside during breaks!

The Planted bistro, next to the conference rooms, provides a meeting place where you can enjoy culinary delights in a unique setting.


Rent a meeting room for your retreat - our experts from the fields of science, food technology, business and innovation are happy to be at your disposal to give presentations or create workshops with you.


Coworking is also possible with us. Sometimes you want to exchange ideas, work at a big table full of like-minded people or withdraw to concentrate. Sometimes it just needs a change of scenery. We have room for everything, because we have an open space with a community table, a bistro and two meeting rooms!


Are you interested in a presentation from the fields of science, food technology, business or innovation? Our experts are at your disposal.

Tastings and aperitifs

Before or after a guided tour or just like that: Our fine Planted tastings are always a good idea. They are all plant-based and can be booked flexibly by arrangement.

Individual events

Our home is the perfect place for your event in Kemptthal. We offer an exceptional setting for business and private events in a unique atmosphere. Be it for a Christmas party, the launch of a new product, a birthday party, a wedding or a staff cocktail party. Depending on the structure of the event room, we offer space for up to 150 people.

Our event team will be happy to advise you and take on the planning, organisation and execution of your event.

Cooking courses

How do professionals cook with planted? We look forward to introducing you to Planted products and telling you more about our favourite recipes.