Hungry for

We plant, harvest and produce delicious plant-based meat. Bite by bite we put a tasty end to the conventional meat industry and the resulting suffering for animals and the environment.

We have a big appetite - appetite for a Revolution! Let's rethink nutrition together and replace animal proteins with plant proteins - very simple, very tasty. Planted makes it easy peasy, so to speak.

The why.

Most of us love the taste of meat, yes. But we all love our environment a little bit more.

That's why we are raising awareness for the protection of our planet and providing Europe's growing number of conscious connoisseurs with a contemporary and tasty alternative to conventional meat. Planted meat from plants.

The how.

Making the world a bite better. In big bites.

We bring delicious plant-based proteins with a perfect texture and fibre to the table - without any additives. Together with you, we're putting an end to the slaughter madness, reducing pollution and making the world not only a better place, but also a tastier place.

The vision.

We want to revolutionise the way meat is perceived and consumed globally. To initiate a fundamental rethink to reduce the devastating consequences of livestock farming on our planet.

We fight for: taste, environment, animal welfare and health!














Our world is changing dramatically. Glaciers are melting. The world population is growing. Every day millions of animals are slaughtered. Treated as if they had no feelings, no heart, no soul. One thing is certain: we humans cannot go on like this.

At Planted we stand for a new consciousness. A new attitude. A new way of thinking and acting. We challenge entrenched structures and ways of thinking and strive to change our behaviour- by redefining meat for ourselves and society. All thanks to our love of good food and our passion for science.

We live by our beliefs. Our vision is to make the world a better place - without chemicals, without excuses and without compromise.

There is no alternative - no plan B. We know: It is not easy to change a culture. But it is necessary. And above all, it is time. With full conviction and faith in our products, we have started our own Revolution - for a better climate, more animal justice and greater social fairness in food distribution. Without losing sight of what makes our product so great: the best taste and a unique texture.

Determined, with pleasure and hand in hand. Bite by bite.

Chris, Eric, Lukas & Pascal

& the Planted team

Be part of the change.

Be part of the change.

Be part of the change.

Be part of the change.

What we fight for.

The first stone.

When Pascal was working in the USA in 2017, he became aware of various meat replacement products. So he contacted his cousin Lukas, who was about to complete his doctorate in food process engineering. ETH Professor Erich Windhab brought them together with ETH PhD student Eric, who has a deep understanding of wet extrusion process. The team was completed by Christoph, a financial expert with a lot of experience in gastronomy.

July 3, 2022

We have reason to celebrate! 3 years Planted in 6 countries with over 170 employees and tons of unforgettable moments.

November 2021

(Retail) Launch of our new product: the Planted.schnitzel! Finally, the true Viennese classic is available without animal suffering.

October 2021

We have teamed up with Berlin cooking legend Tim Raue . From now on, Planted is on the menu at his 2-Michelin-star restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

September 2021

We have broken the Guinness World Record for the longest schnitzel in the world. The longest schnitzel in the world is now 119m long and vegan!

3 July 2021

Planted is 2 years old, operates in 4 countries and employs 100 people!

February 2021

Another financing round with 17 million was spoken!

January 2021

Welcome to the Family! Plant-based Pulled Pork expands our product range. At the same time, our products are now also available at our neighbours in Austria at SPAR nationwide.

November 2020

Next Stop Germany! Our products are now available at EDEKA Südwest.

Summer 2020

Eureka! Our own production in Kemptthal is up and running. 3 products, 32 full-time employees and lots of hunger for more.

July 3, 2020

Planted celebrates its birthday!

January 2020

Product launch at the first major retailer in Switzerland - planted.chicken launch at Coop!

Autumn 2019

7 million swiss francs from the financing round and kick-off for the construction of the production plant & offices in Kempthal.

Summer 2019

Company foundation, the own webshop and the first restaurants with planted.chicken on the menu.

Spring 2019

Kick-off with the ETH Pioneer Fellowship. Now it's time to present, cook and convince.


Research, experiment, taste.

Our partners.

We combine science, industry know-how and passion to meet the global demand for proteins. This is what we do - together with our partners.